• Miniflex PU

    PU Protection &Suction Hose with plastic-coated wire helix
  • Master-PUR step

    PU Film Hose,crush-resistant, hardly inflammable acc. to DIN 4102 B1
  • Master-PUR L

    PU Suction & Transport Hose,light duty
  • Master-PUR-H

    PU Suction & Transport Hose,medium duty
  • Master-PUR HÜ

    PU Suction & Transport Hose, medium duty / reinforced
  • Master-PUR HÜ-S

    PU Suction & Transport Hose,medium duty / reinforced, very smooth inner lining
  • Master-PUR HX

    PU Transport & Suction Hose, highly abrasion-resistant and vacuum-proof, with reinforcement underneath the spiral
  • Master-PUR HX-S

    PU Suction & Transport Hose, highly abrasion-resistant and vacuum-proof, very smooth inner lining
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