Flamex B-F se

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Flamex B-F se



spiral: spring steel wire

wall: pure polyester polyurethane with flameretardentadditives (acc. to DIN ISO 4649more abrasion-resistant than polyetherpolyurethane)

wall thickness between spirals approx. 0.5 mm


Protective Hose against mechanical wear

Hardly inflammable transport hose forabrasive solids

Wood processing machines

Shavings extractions in wood processing

Temperature Range

-40°C to +90°C

peaks to +125°C


halogen and plasticizer-free

extremely flexible

highly abrasion-resistant

smallest bending radii

generally good UV and ozone resistance


high tensile strength

mostly smooth inner lining

optimum flow characteristics

acc. to TRBS 2153 (Zone 1, 21) for nonflammbledust/bulk solids and gases/liquidswith low conductivity of electrostatic chargeswhen earthed at both ends of the spiral

hardly inflammable acc. to DIN 4102 B1

super lightweight

permanently kink-resistant

solvent, oil and petroleum-proof

adheres to conditions of German Woodcutterstrade association (Holz-BG)

symmetrical fold behaviour

compressable approx 1:5

Flamex B-F se

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