Master-PUR HX

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Master-PUR HX



spiral: spring steel wire
wall: pure polyester polyurethane (acc. to DIN
ISO 4649 more abrasion-resistant in compari-
son to polyether polyurethane)
wall thickness between spirals approx.
1.7 - 2.1 mm, depending on DN


 For increased requirements of abrasion
resistance and durability

 Suction & Transport Hose for extremely
abrasive media

 Flat roof gravelling

 Working Hose for silo vehicles and cargo

Transport Hose for problematic media,

e.g. sand, gravel, grain, granulates


 halogen and plasticizer-free

 extremely abrasion-resistant via specific
reinforcements underneath the spiral

 high vacuum and apex pressure resistance

 good flexibility

smooth inner lining, optimum flow

 highly durable, long service lives

 good chemical resistance

 generally good UV and ozone resistance



 high tensile strength

acc. to TRBS 2153 (Zone 20) for non-

flammble dust/bulk solids for conducting
electrostatic charges when earthed at both
ends of the spiral


 antistatic, surface resistance < 10
9 Ohm

Temperature Range

 -40°C to +90°C

 peaks to +125°C

Master-PUR HX


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