Master-PE L-EL

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Master-PE L-EL



spiral: spring steel wire
wall: electroconductive polyethylene
wall thickness between spirals approx. 0.7 mm


Transport of fine-grained particles, such as
dust and powder

 Suction & Transport Hose for aggressive
gases and liquids

 Oil mist extraction/suction

 Danger zones, which require electrically
conductive hoses


 halogen and plasticizer-free


 generally good UV and ozone resistance


 mostly smooth inner lining

 optimum flow characteristics


 high tension/tear-proof

surface resistance ≤ 10
4 Ohm

very good chemical resistance

 application possible acc. to EU directive
94/9/EU (ATEX 95)

acc. to TRBS 2153 (Zone 0, 20) for non-

flammable liquids/dusts for dissipation of
electrostatic charges with grounding on
both ends of the helix

Temperature Range

 -35°C to +80°C

 peaks to +120°C

Master-PE L-EL



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