Carflex Super

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Carflex Super



spiral: plastic-profile helix
wall: EPDM/PP-coated polyester fabric


Suction of engine exhaust fumes up to

max. +200 °C acc. to exhaust guidelines
and sufficient fresh air intake (approx. 50%)

 Permanently rollover-proof exhaust hose

Medium wear during extraction of petrol

and diesel engine exhaust fumes

All conventional exhaust systems, such as:

- Exhaust Hose Reel
- Suction Rail System
- Above/Below Floor Systems
- Stationary Systems


 extremely flexible

 good flow characteristics

 excellent recovery properties

 withstands high mechanical loads

 super lightweight

 high tension/tear-proof



 tight bending radii

Temperature Range

+200 °C with appropriate use of exhaust

regulators and sufficient air supply
(approx. 50%)

Carflex Super

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