Master-Clip HT 1100

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Master-Clip HT 1100



wall: three-layered, inner layer: stainless steel
wire fabric, outer layer: high-temperature,
special-coated with heat stabilisers reinforced
with VA wire, intermediate layer: thermo-
textile fabric
clamp profile spiral: VA steel band (1.4512)


 Machine manufacturing

 Defence systems

 Oven manufacturing

 Automotive and aircraft industry

 Shipbuilding industry

 Heat protection

 Mining and steel industry

 Exhaust gas extraction for high perform-
ance test-benches in the automotive

 Suction/extraction of turbojet engine
exhaust fumes

 Exhaust gas extraction for larger capacity

 Extreme temperature demands


 small bending radii


 outer chafing protection spiral

high tension-proof connection of wall-lining

and spiral via special clamp mechanism

adheres to TRBS 2153 (Zone 1, 21) for

non-flammable dusts and gases with low
conductivity for dissipation of electrostatic
charges with double-ended grounding of
Clips and gradient of < 30 mm (see chapter

very good temperature resistance

limited suitability for long-term kink



Temperature Range

 -20°C to +1100°C

Master-Clip HT 1100

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